Accra to host maiden Child in Tech conference

The maiden Child-in-Tech conference which is expected to create awareness and build the capacity of children who use the internet across the country has been slated for March 11 to 14, 2019, at the Accra Digital Centre.

The conference under the theme: “Empowering children in the cyberspace” is designed to help educate children on the risks they are exposed to in the cyberspace.

Children are identified as a major target of many internet activities and programmes in recent times as a channel to sell new products and services.

The Government through the Ministry of Communications launched the Safer Digital Ghana campaign with Child Online Protection (COP) as a key component aimed at getting children educated on the risk of being on the internet.

The Child in tech conference seeks to support the efforts of the government in fighting the cybercrime menace through sensitization.

Organizers of the event Naksam Solutions are inviting institutions across the globe to support efforts towards creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness among children in the country.

The Child in Tech conference will promote hygienic and safer practices among children who visit the internet for the purpose of education.

Children on the internet are confronted with dangers like cyberbullying; pornography and other sexual exploitation making them vulnerable in the cyberspace.

ICT has come to stay with us and we cannot run away from the risks involved hence the need to arm our youth with the necessary defensive mechanisms to avoid falling prey to scammers and illegal exploitations.

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