Animals electrocuted at South Africa park

Six large animals have died at South Africa’s biggest national park after storms toppled a power cable.

A rhino, a giraffe, two lions and two hyenas were electrocuted when the power line came down in Kruger National Park.

Local media report that the giraffe and rhino died first, and the lions and hyenas were killed by the live wire while trying to eat the carcasses.

Rangers came across the disturbing scene while taking engineers to the site to restore electricity.

Ranger at Kruger National Park

Image caption: Kruger National Park rangers discovered the animals while accompanying electricians (file image)

“The animals were electrocuted after heavy rains and strong winds brought down a power line,” he said.

On Tuesday, a spokesman told reporters the park had reports of four other dead animals in January so far. “Two of them have been confirmed as poached, and two of them are under investigation,” he said.

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