Menzgold demo as clients hope against all hope to retrieve investments

Menzgold customers have launched another demonstration in the Western regional town, Tarkwa, as they continue the push to retrieved locked-up investments in a business now described as a Ponzi scheme.

This is the second demonstration in the last 50 days after staging one in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi on January 8, 2019.

Numbering a staggering 500, the clients in red T-Shirts marched the streets with their placards pointing blame on government and state institutions for failing to help them get their money back.

Menzgold demo in Tarkwa

They also targeted the Peace Council, an institution usually concerned with the implications of politics on the country’s peace and security.

But in their justification, the clients have said in a petition to the Peace Council, the continued failure of the state to help them retrieve their monies has implications for peace.

In a more chilling testament to this, one placard read, “our money, our blood.” In the last demonstration, some protesters claimed they were ready to die if that is what it takes to get their monies back.

The National Chief Imam also got special mention on their placards.

The new centre for their anger, Tarkwa has some 9,000 clients, organisers claim lending some credence to comments made by former CEO of Minerals Commission Dr. Tony Aubynn.

He pointed out in September 2018, if Menzgold were to collapse, there will be a national funeral and “maybe the biggest funeral will happen in my hometown Tarkwa,” explaining virtually all entrenched workers in mining companies in the area have investments at Menzgold.

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