Pre-wedding photo: I don’t care if it’s amorous or not but… – Ebo Whyte

Celebrated playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte, has supported calls by the Church of Pentecost to discourage amorous pre-wedding photos on grounds quite apart from those of the church.

His support is not based on the amorous nature of such photographs as faulted by the church, but the usefulness of the practice.

The playwright argues that the practice, which is alien to Ghanaian culture, has no significance at all to the marriage.

Speaking on the Joy Super Morning Show on Monday, Mr. Whyte argues “I don’t care if the (pre-marital photo) is amorous or not but what is the point? I want someone to convince me if it is necessary beyond the fact that someone did it and others think that let us also do it.”

Mr. Whyte further states that people engage in the practice “without thinking through why there is the need to do it because your wedding is coming on and you will have all the pictures in the world.”

pre-wedding photo


The General Secretary of the Church Apostle, Nana Yaw Kumi, explained these photos demean the holy matrimony and do not speak well of Christians charged to live holy lives.

The church has observed that many would-be couples abuse the concept of pre-wedding shots, noting that some would-be couples go the extreme of “touching” vital areas of each other as if they were already married.

Mr. Ebo Whyte who asserts himself as an associate member of the church of Pentecost says he is the wrong person to pass judgment on the church of Pentecost.

“You are asking the wrong person to pass judgment on the church of Pentecost. I am an associate member of the church of Pentecost.”