Let’s cast our nets wider when booking artistes for shows – Tic

Hiplife artiste Tic, formally known as Tic Tac, has called on industry players to give every single artiste a chance when booking acts for shows.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the artiste said when shows are organised, some artistes are enjoying monopoly while others have been side-lined organisers. This, he says, does not help other acts grow.

“If you check the last quarter of 2018, it was the same artistes that were being booked for almost every show,” he told KMJ, host of the show.

He explained that the music industry has a pool of musicians with different styles and vibes that need to be shown to the people.

Using artiste Bless as an example, Tic said, many people enjoy his song, “Tsotsomutso” and others but he is hardly considered when organisers are booking acts for shows.

The “Kwani Kwani” singer urged industry players to make a deliberate attempt to mix the acts when organising shows.

“If organisers want to book ‘Artiste A’ for a show, they should also consider presenting the same opportunity to ‘Artiste B,’ he said.

”We have different talents to take the music forward, not just the older generation but new artistes who can establish themselves at the shows,” Tic added.

He stated that some new artistes who do not know much about the music scene are sometimes taken advantage of.

“Give opportunity to everybody. You’ll be amazed to see the kind of talents that crop up,” he stated.


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