Six new school songs influenced by old school

Serious bangers and chart-topping songs have dominated the music scene for some time now.

But amongst these amazing songs are ones that have some of Ghana’s favourite lyrics or beat from decades ago, the nineties, the age of good music, some of our older generation always say.

They add a touch of the ‘old school’ to the new genres but bring a different feel and refreshing vibe, a break from new sounds or lyrics.

The incorporation these old songs into new works brings the older generation closer to the music of new generation without they necessarily leaving their old songs.

It gives the younger generation, a view of the past, a past they did not get the chance to experience. It makes them appreciate music more.

Most importantly, it pays homage to music geniuses, singers and producers who worked hard to create a genre and to serve people with great music.

‘Mane Me’ – Stonebwoy

But in that diverse touch was lyrics from the ‘Maestro’ Kojo Antwi’s Dadie Anoma, a song that Ghanaians still love. “Obii ba mane me ooo,” the first line of the chorus which is a lyric from ‘Dadie Anoma’, gives the dancehall song not just a touch of the old but of highlife as well.

That part caught with listeners and fans but you have to admit, it is quite catchy.

This song was way out of the rapper’s genre. A cool and nice hiplife song that had over one million views on YouTube and 9,000 likes.

The part listeners fall for, “waa ne me sekyere dɛ dɛ ɛ dɛ (you are my sweet sugar)”, such beautiful words from an old song created to melt the heart of a loved one.

Kwani Kwani – Tic Tac ft Kuami Eugene

When this was released the 90s babies were feeling it, why? Because it was a new rendition of one of their favourite old songs.

Tic although added new beats, and the sweet voice of Kuami Eugene, he kept the song closer to the original but with a distinct touch.

On YouTube, you will see comments like this under the original video, “who came here after the remix” or “I got to know of this because of the remix with Kuami Eugene.” I don’t have to tell you who the oldie or the newbie is right?

“Who still remembers the original track from TicTac?, first time I’ve seen Tic on point in the new school, Wow this’s very creative, another big banger here,” are some of the comments you see under the new song. I have got to tell you, I agree, its creative and impressive.

Adiepena – KiDi

This song was refreshing and people got so engaged to the song it trended. Everyone wanted to sing it for their loved one because after all love is sometimes hard to find(Adiepena).

He may not have used the word first but Kojo Antwi made it popular and people loved that song from ‘the Maestro.’ So it is really creative for Kidi to release a song celebrating love that is hard to find, one of the inspirations behind Kojo Antwi’s love songs, he has said.

Tatale – Cina Soul

The Kla Manye herself creatively added an old rhyme of sorts to her song. The Tatale Song from her EP Ga Mashi, brings back a childhood memory. Remember the song about buying Gari and Beans for 5 pesewas? Yes, she added that, so different and new.

Mr. Badman – KiDi

This new trending song has people jamming to it at every spot since its release on January 30. Kidi takes listeners back to the time of Wulomei – a Ga music group created in 1973 by Nii Tei Ashitey.