Fire service arrives in time to contain fire at UG Prudential Bank

Fire gutted parts of the University of Ghana branch of the Prudential Bank at the Banking Square of the school’s campus on Sunday evening.

Sources at the scene of the incident said the fire was caused by a faulty air conditioner used for cooling some computing equipment in the bank.

The fire was said to have started at about 10:05 pm on Sunday.

Personnel of the fire service were at the scene soon after, and were able to quench the fire by 10:45 pm.

The personnel only got access to the banking hall to prevent the fire from spreading, after a security guard on duty had retrieved the keys which are kept at the Legon Police station.

The fire did not spread to the banking hall or the other neighbouring banks located at the banking square.

Other notable fire incidents so far in 2019 saw over 80 shops destroyed at Odorna Market at Circle on January 16, 2019.

Also, hundreds of Tema residents who live around Base Ammunition Depot at Michel Camp were evacuated from the area after a fire outbreak at the depot.

The fire led to small explosions in the area though it was contained before it could spread to areas storing significantly more dangerous ammunition.


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