We Can’t Say There Is Absolute Peace In Dagbon; But So Far, So Good! – DSP Tanko

DSP Mohammed Yussif Tanko, the Public Relations Officer of the Police Service in the Northern Region, believes it is too early to conclude that Dagbon is completely peaceful, simply because of the coronation of a new Ya Naa.

According to him, in spite of the fact that there have been successful funeral rites for the late kings in Dagbon and enskinment of new Yaa Naa, in the person of Abukari Mahama II, the police and the military will continue to maintain the number of personnel manning the area.

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show, DSP Tanko reiterated they will not relent on their efforts to bring about the desired peace in Dagbon.

We cannot say there is complete peace in Dagbon but the peace is gradual because the report from Yendi is encouraging”, he stressed.

Delving into the process of peace in Dagbon, DSP Yussif Tanko revealed the Andani and the Abudu visited the New Yaa Naa to lay their requests before him; asserting that “once both gates have visited the new Yaa Naa, this means they are on the path of peace”.

“The influential leaders of both gates have shown and demonstrated their readiness to ensure peace but our concern is on certain youth in Dagbon who still harbour hatred in them and we have to institute measures to counter their actions whenever they strike to disturb the peace we are enjoying today in Dagbon. For now, so far, so good”, he revealed.

While showering praises on the police, the military and other security agencies for their untiring efforts to ensure peace before, during and after the funeral rites of the late Yaa Naa and the coronation of a new overlord for the area, DSP Yussif Tanko pointed out that the number of security personnel in the once hot-spot will either decrease or increase based on intelligence gathered.

…going forward, we will study events….and that will inform us on what to do with our men as to whether to reduce their number in Yendi or maintain the number of security men for sometime. All these will be assessed in the subsequent days,” he disclosed