Ahmed’s death unfortunate, but I don’t regret showing his photos’ – Kennedy Agyapong

Despite the huge public anger against his utterances, Kennedy Agyapong has said although he sympathizes with the family of slain investigative journalist Ahmed Suale, he does not regret showing his pictures publicly.

The Assin Central MP defended his decision to make public the images of the investigator saying that his actions were rather in the best interest of Ghanaians.

Many have blamed the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, known for his work in the investigative piece on corruption in Ghana football, on Mr. Agyapong who publicly exposed him on television as one of Anas’ undercover investigators, and threatened violence against him if he came to his company’s premises.

He was shot dead  on the night of Wednesday, January 16, by unidentified assailants in Accra.

Mr. Agyapong and the former GFA President have already been interrogated by the police over killing.

But speaking to Thomas Naadi on the BBC, the controversial NPP MP said although he sympathises with the bereaved family for their loss, he has no regrets displaying the photos of their relative.

“I bear no moral responsibility over the death and I have no regret. Although I dread what has happened to him, I was just saving Ghanaians from criminals, so I don’t regret showing his picture to the public. I sympathise with the bereaved family because death is unfortunate. [They shouldn’t look at one person and put blame on]. The nature of his [Ahmed’s] work exposed him to a number of things I didn’t contribute to.”

“I did not show his picture for people to go and kill him.  I was just forewarning people that he is bad that when he comes to their premises, he is going to put gadgets there. I will never regret showing the pictures, he stated.

When asked if the public display of Ahmed’s photos had a role in his killing, Mr. Agyapong answered in the negative, and maintained that the investigative pieces by the team did more harm as they endangered the lives of victims and also gave the country a bad name.

“They disgraced reputable Judges, customs officers, GFA officials. They have disgraced Ghana, Africa and Ghanaians and they have gone scot free. How did my making public of his picture endanger his life? Is Nyantakyi life’s not endangered?  Is Anas and his team members superior beings that no one should see them? he quizzed.

US Congressman, Hank Johnson, who has condemned the killing Ahmed Hussein-Suale also wants the US to join in investigations into his death.

Mr. Johnson in a letter to the US Secretary of State said the US government must also look at possible sanctions including a travel ban against the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong over his conduct and utterances against the deceased before his killing.

“Determine what sanctions may be levied against Kennedy Agyapong MP, including a ban on travel to the U.S., a ban on access to the U.S. banking system for Mr. Agyapong and his businesses, and any other appropriate and applicable sanctions”, the letter indicated.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has also blamed the death of investigator on the decision by one man to unmask the investigative journalist and incite violence against him,

“We are here today largely because one man recklessly unmasked an investigative reporter and issued threats of violence. Ahmed Suale’s killing cannot be allowed to end up like others- unresolved. We have to get to the bottom of these questionable circumstances and their implications for our wider safety”, he tweeted days after the murder.

But Mr. Agyepong has already distanced himself from the death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, saying, he cannot fathom why he would engineer the killing of a person who is irrelevant in his life.