Woman ‘accidentally’ slashes hand of 5-year-old stepson

Doctors are preparing to amputate the left hand of a five-year-old boy whose hand was accidentally slashed with a machete by his stepmother.

The wounded hand, according to doctors at the Central Regional Hospital is beyond reconstruction after it was left unattended to, a month after his stepmother, in anger threw a machete at him.

District Police Commander for Abura Asebu Kwamankese, DSP John Akonde, told Joy News the stepmother in a statement to the police admitted the offence but said it was purely accidental.

He said according to her, although she intended to hit the boy with the machete when she threw it at him, she did not plan for it to slash his hand.

“It happened about a month ago, they have been receiving treatment but it looks as if it was not going on well until two other people who went to the village, saw him and took him to the Social Welfare,” DSP Akonde added.