2 dead after heavy downpour Sunday evening

A heavy downpour Sunday evening in some parts of the country have left streets and homes flooded, and a report of 2 people dead.

A young lady in her twenties was spotted by Ghanaweb, Sunday evening in black jeans and blue top dead at Kaneshie Electricity Company of Ghana in the North Industrial area after the rains stopped.

Residents in the area speaking to Ghanaweb stated that they found the lifeless body in front of the company after the rains submerged.

However, residents were not able to identify the deceased.

A young man believed to be in his 30s was also found dead at Awudome in Accra.

An official of the urban search and rescue team of the National Disaster Management Organization on patrol duties told Citi News that they found the lifeless body near a drain in the area.

The Ambulance service and the Police arrived at the scene a few minutes after the body was found and conveyed the remains to the morgue.

A resident in the area said the deceased was earlier seen directing traffic.

“I know him within the vicinity. He is popularly known as Kweku Bonsam. He was directing traffic just around the roundabout because of the water situation there. We believe maybe he had taken alcohol beyond his limit and as such was carried by the water to this point [where he was found dead].”

Nkrumah interchange, other parts of Accra flooded after heavy rain

Running water spilled from chocked drains unto the roads at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange and left pedestrians with no choice but to walk through the water which was around the knee level.

Scores of vehicles were trapped in the water.

Commercial and private drivers had to take a detour as the side of the Interchange that leads to the Ring road was almost cut off due to the rain.